Project ROFLing - Week 20

We are finally here: after almost 6 months, the final week of Project ROFLing for the year! Now rather than just making a comic this week, I decided to make something slightly bigger!

I hope you all enjoy it, I know I enjoyed putting it together (kind of). Hopefully it gets a few laughs, and if you're really clever, there's some hidden jokes in there which I'm hoping some people will pick up on.

There's still plenty of stuff happening on the site, so check back often! A big thanks to all of you loyal fans for coming back every week!! God bless.

Project ROFLing - Week 19

Proudly brought to you by my breakfast. And it's the second-last week of Project ROFLing for the year!!

Project ROFLing - Week 18

The countdown has begun: Week 20 is when I plan on finishing up for the year (aka Season 1). Hopefully I'll think of something big to finish off with a BANG! Until then, it's important that we use our time wisely!


Project ROFLing - Week 17

Breaking society's boundaries..

Project ROFLing - Week 16

Some free info for people wanting to start their own business!

Project ROFLing - Week 15

So lately the weather has given us a taste of what summer has to offer! Beach beach beach! PS. I am in no way promoting Everyday I'm DIETing!

Project ROFLing - Week 14

There's something different about the news these days.

Project ROFLing - Week 13

This week is pretty exciting, as the Gallery will crack ONE THOUSAND VIEWS!! (You can check out the counter at the bottom of the page) That brings the total views of this site to almost two thousand! And it's all thanks to you guys!

This weeks comic will help you impress them on the first date...

Project ROFLing - Week 12

Apparently, not enough of us are reading the newspaper!

Project ROFLing - Week 11

What is music doing to us!?

Plus, don't forget to check out the latest addition to the site: ReBlogged! It's the best of the best from all over the net... not to mention hilarious!!

Project ROFLing - Week 10

These tough financial times.

Project ROFLing - Week 9

This week we welcome the EverydayimROFLing superhero!

Plus, you can now like us on Facebook...

Project ROFLing - Week 8

Too far.

Project ROFLing - Week 7

We all know the story of the Good Samaritan..

Project ROFLing - Week 6

We all love our sport!

Project ROFLing - Week 5

How the tables have turned...

Project ROFLing - Week 4

This week my inspiration came from my iTunes, so here's one for the music buffs!

Note: if you don't get it, consult Google. Also, don't forget you can now Contact Us... but please don't.

Project ROFLing - Week 3

This week I realised how hard it is to keep coming up with something fresh every week (despite only being week 3!).

So, I took the high road and just insulted society.

Project ROFLing- Week 2

Due to popular demand, I decided to upgrade from 'paint' to something a little more fancy.

Project ROFLing- Week 1

The initial one-off comic which started a revolution! (19 July, 2011)

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